Oil changes, tune-ups, tires mounted and balanced, carbs cleaned, air filters, mirrors, grips, handlebars, ape hangers, wiring…yup, all that stuff.

So you don’t have time to do all that stuff? No worries, Mate! Drop ‘er off, and we’ll take care of the rest. Easy Peasy, eh?

We also offer wheel un-lacing/re-lacing/truing, hub or rim replacement, chain and belt replacement and adjustments…pretty much anything you need done to your cycle can be done here.

Delkevic Performance Exhausts

We sell, and use in our own bikes, Maxima oils, Yuasa batteries, MotionPro cables and our newest member of kick-ass products, Delkevic Performance Exhausts.

Pricing is a general estimate, and can vary according to make/model. Some prices for general oil changes and tune-ups are higher for bikes requiring synthetic oil or special filters. Pricing for tire changes are based on stock wheel/tire sizes. Custom aluminum wheels, or oversize width tires have an additional charge of $35.

General labor per hour – $70 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Tire changing – Off bike – $35 for cast wheels, $55 for spoked wheels (Spoked wheels are additional for new tube and rim strip)

On bike – $75 front, $95 rear.

Yes, we CAN convert you to “The Darkside“…as long as you sign a liability waiver.

Sorry, but we do not install used tires or reuse tubes and rim strips.

Scheduled Service and Maintenance – Vary according to bike, but generally run around $90-$450 (Maintenance schedules vary by manufacturer, some might be higher. ie: HD 20k service $600-$900)

Carb rebuilds/cleaning – On-bike $250-$700 + any new parts needed . Off bike $100-$500 + any new parts needed.

Powder coating – inquire for pricing

Carburetor Synchronizing – $50-$150 for most bikes

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