Educational Stuff – Gearheads only!

So, you wanna learn how your motorcycle works, eh? Well, here goes. I’m collecting videos from everywhere to put here that gives a good, simple breakdown of each principle of motorcycle engines. From Carbs, to Exhausts, and everything in between. Keep stopping back frequently to see the latest upload, and you too can learn how to wrench on your own scoot. I offer this up to you, because I ain’t gonna be available to come bail your ass out at 2 am on a Sunday morning when you break down on Route 1 in Old Orchard Beach!

What rephasing a Parallel Twin to 270 degrees means, and why it’s cool!

This guy is a riot…Love watching his videos.

Float bowl adjustments – VERY important!!

For those who wonder what goes into powder coating spoked wheels (Or, why does it cost so much??)

After it’s coated, here’s how it all goes back together:

Transmission Tech explained:

I hear a lot of talk about “Motorcycle oil conspiracy theories”, and how they’re just out to get your money…Here’s a look the workings of a clutch, and why it’s important to use genuine motorcycle oil in your wet-clutch motorcycle:

Nice look at the internals of a HD Motor:

A look at charging and ignition systems:

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