Carburetor Restorations

Carburetor restorations are, well, my “specialty”. Will I restore a set of CB550 carbs, or VT750 carbs? Yes! Would I restore a S&S Super B carb? Probably not…those are a dime a dozen, so for the price of a resto, you could easily buy two new ones.

Restoring a set of carbs is a lot more in-depth than just cleaning. We completely disassemble the entire rack of bodies, acid wash and scrub each individual piece, measure each piece for fit and finish, powder coat the bodies with a satin clear to keep the bodies in perfect visual condition, then reassemble with new jets, needles and seats, bowl gaskets and any assorted o-rings and gaskets. All the associated bracketry is restored with either zinc plating or polished to a bright finish. We can install jet kits at this time if you’re installing these on a newly rebuilt motor, and need bigger (or smaller) jets.

Powder coating the bodies helps to ensure the bodies stay visually appealing for the life of the carbs. No maintenance is necessary! They won’t accumulate a white, powdery corrosion, or dull-up over time, and they stay looking as clean and new as the day you receive them back! Basic cleaning might be necessary if you get engine grime build-up on the outside, but that is easily cleaned with a mild soap and warm water.

If you want them powder coated a certain color, this is the time to do it! Choose a color to match your bike, or something flashy to show off your personality! Of course, this does cost a little extra. I’ll include a basic price list down below….In the meantime, check out some before and after pics of some carbs we’ve already completed.


Rack of 4 carbs – $700-$900 (depending on condition of bodies and internals)

Rack of 2-3 carbs – $600-$800 (depending on condition of bodies and internals)

Rack of 6 carbs (CBX) – $800-$1100 (depending on condition of bodies and internals)

Single carb – $400 (depending on condition of body and internals)

Additional color powder coating of bodies – $150-up (multiple color schemes are 50% extra per color)

REMEMBER – For common carbs, restoration services are probably not necessary. Just a basic cleaning is fine for your 190 hp, $40,000 1992 Evo Softtail….(No offense intended for you HD guys…Lol)

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    1. Yessir, I do. We an authorized dealer for Z1 Parts, and can get you a set for around $72 plus shipping. Give us a call at 207-605-0009 to order, and we’ll get you set up in no time! Well…it’ll be a little time, but not much! JD

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