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Welcome to PanikSwitch Cycles – Home to Bangor, Brewer and Central Maine’s favorite, down-home and down-to-earth motorcycle mechanic, builder, chopper, powder-coater, tire-changin’, oil spewin’ motorcycle fanatic!

At PanikSwitch Cycles, we pride ourselves in being one of the very few shops in Maine that services and repairs most ALL makes and models of motorcycles. We don’t do major repairs on Twin Cam HD’s though. There’s enough HD mechanics in this great state, who needs one more?

Delkevic Performance Exhausts

Stock, custom, chopper, bobber, cruiser, sport, stretched, cut, lowered..we can make your baby purr like a kitten or roar like a rabid lion. We take every precaution to make sure that every aspect of your motorcycling is safe, and reliable. Not many “mechanics” have the meticulous eye for detail that we have. Attention to detail is the most important factor in riding today. No matter what the call, we can deliver! Anything from simple tire changes, tune-ups, oil changes, bearing replacements, electrical, charging systems all the way to stretching or hardtailing the frame, custom ride height adjustments, stock or aftermarket part replacement, PanikSwitch Cycles is the place Central Maine goes to to get it done.

We specialize in customizing your bike the way that YOU want. Not by just bolting on grips and air cleaner covers, but by modifying your bike to look like no other. Unique isn’t buying a pre-built bike that someone else thought was “cool”. It starts by buying a bike, new or used, tearing into it, then reassembling it with a plan in mind, a mission to make everything work together. Bolt ons’ are for the rich and casual riders…we’re not rich, nor do we ride casually! Getting us to store our bikes away for the winter would take an act of congress bigger than Obama-Care.

Quotes from some of our customers:
Dave: “Was a great help in getting this year’s GSF 400 Bandit project on the road. Very happy customer. Top notch service and great people doing it. I’ll be back…”
Doug: “This place is awesome, I wish I was closer so I could have my bike serviced here frequently.”
Amy: “Just got my bike back from the shop, you guys rock and everyone needs to know about you if they do not already! I searched all over short of having to take my Triumph to the dealer two hours away and JD had no problem taking the issues on! Thank you and ride safe!”
Luke: “PanikSwitch is awesome!! Thanks so much for all, Jd!”
Jason: “Would like to say a big thank you to the guys at PanikSwitch that worked on my bike, it really runs awesome!”
James: “Hoping to get in a motorcycle ride in later this morning. A big thanks to PanikSwitch Cycles for getting the motorcycle adjusted for me!”


As an Authorized V-Twin Dealer, we are proud to offer custom parts for your American V-Twin cycle at affordable prices! Come in to see the wide selection of V-Twin parts to customize your cycle the way you want it.

“Those who can, Ride. Those who have, Build.” Active Search Results

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