I get asked quite frequently (almost as frequent as “who does our powder coating”..Lol) “Who does your chroming? Who do you send it to?”.

We do it all here. Right. Here. We don’t send it out. We’re not ‘just pretty faces’…Well, really, we’re not pretty faces at all. But, we do have some skills….

Chroming is a great alternative to powder coating, but it does have its own niche. Would we chrome a bumper off of a 2005 Chevy truck? No…it just ain’t worth it. The price for chroming is pretty steep, and to be honest, you can buy a new, dipped bumper, for less than half of what we would charge. I mean, hey, I’ll take your money if you want…but it just ain’t right.

We specialize in chroming obsolete, hard-to-find, antique, vintage parts…stuff you just can’t buy brand new anymore. Now, when I say “specialize”, I mean we do a damn good job of it. Doing a good job also takes time. I must humbly apologize in advance, but we just cannot do what they do on those reality TV shows, in less than an hour. We are a motorcycle shop, and our main priority is servicing bikes. Our secondary job is metal finishing, so it could take an abnormal amount of time to get a finishing job “finished”. (Pun totally intended…see what I did there? Lol)

Prices also vary by job, due to how much prep work is required. I would like to list prices here, but it really needs to be seen first before I give out random numbers.

We use a new style of chroming called “Hydro-Chrome”. If you have any questions of it’s durability, appearance, or application, check out It’s Environmentally friendly, has less waste (0.3%, compared to old style, dipping method with up to 30% waste) and has a smaller “footprint” than the tank methods. With that said, it is considerably more expensive. So, when you think “Oh, hell yea, I want my Toyota wheels chromed!”, check to see if you can buy them on Amazon first…you’ll be highly disappointed when I tell ya how much it would cost.

While we’re discussing metal plating, keep in mind we also do zinc, copper and nickel electro-plating.

If you want to read more on the hazards of electroplating chrome, here’s some interesting reading material for you:

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